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General FAQs

Do your dealers ever hand-shuffle cards?

No, hand-shuffling is never allowed under any circumstance. There are 3 reasons for this. First, we are protecting the integrity of your game by ONLY allowing the cards to be shuffled by our state-of-the-art Deckmate 2 Shufflers installed in each table. No human interaction at all with the randomization of the cards between hands. Second, our cards can be fragile because of the RFID chip in them that the table reads to identify the card. Hand shuffling requires bending of the cards, while running them through a Deckmate 2 keeps them flat for the entire process, preserving our cards. Finally, letting the Deckmate 2 do the shuffling allows you to get to the next hand faster without having to wait for a manual shuffle, giving you less time waiting and more time playing!

Can I play without a camera?

No. We have gone to great lengths to prevent bots and other forms of cheating. All of our players being on camera at all times is a non-negotiable policy at MVP Poker. Our dealers are trained to warn a player once, and if they do not appear back on camera quickly, the dealer will remove that player from the table. Repeated instances from the same player will result in a suspension from the platform.

Why is a card being replaced?

In order to bring a live dealer, live cards experience to our players, we use cards that have RFID chips in them. This is what allows our tables to read the card, and display it digitally on your screen, wherever you are in the world. Unfortunately, from time to time the cards stop reading on the table. In these cases, if the card is face-up, we will replace it with a working card, as long as one is available, and continue with the hand. If it is a face down card, we will replace it with a working card, and then re-shuffle the deck to protect the integrity of the game.

Why do you change dealers?

We change dealers simply to protect the integrity of your experience on our platform. Dealers at MVP never know ahead of time which table they will be working at, and throughout their shifts, are instructed by the floor supervisors to switch tables with other dealers. This prevents any opportunities for dealers to be involved in any kind of cheating. We strive for the highest level of integrity at MVP Poker, everything we do is to maintain that standard.

What is a Misdeal?

A misdeal on the MVP Poker platform can be 2 things. 1, it could be a situation where a dealer made a mistake in dealing out the cards, and needs to collect them, and re-shuffle that deck, in order to maintain the integrity of the game. 2, we also use a misdeal function when a card stops reading on the table. If it is a face-up card, our policy is that we will allow the card to be replaced with a working card mid-hand. However, if it is a face-down card, we will replace it with a working card, but we will then misdeal that hand and shuffle that deck, in order to preserve the integrity of the game, since at that point the dealer and floor manager have seen what the face-down card was, in order to replace it with a working card. The misdeal function removes any digital cards from the players’ hands, and places all their money back where it was at the beginning of that hand.

Payment FAQs

How do cashouts work?

Cashouts on MVP poker are very simple. All withdraws, whether Fiat or Crypto are processed within 24-48 business hours.

If you have any questions about withdraws, you can contact for assistance.

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